Mar 31, 2023

Amendment in Companies (Authorised to Register) Rules, 2014

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (‘MCA’) by way of a Notification dated January 19, 2023, has amended the Companies (Authorised to Register) Rules, 2014. The amendment has, inter alia, introduced the following key changes, which have come into effect from January 23, 2023:

i.     While filing Form URC-1 (Form required to be filed for registration of unregistered entities such as partnership firms, limited liability partnerships etc. as a company  under the Companies Act), in case of an application for registration as a company by a partnership firm, limited liability partnership, trust, society etc. (whether as a company limited by shares or guarantee, or as an unlimited company), a no objection certificate (‘NOC’) from the charge holder (if applicable) will also have to be attached in addition to an NOC from the secured creditors;

ii.    The requirement of attaching certain documents while filing Form URC-1 has been omitted.; and

iii.   The format of Form URC-1 has been revised accordingly.




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