CCI Dismisses Allegations of Abuse of Dominance against Oriental Insurance Company Limited

On May 10, 2019, CCI dismissed allegations (made by Anil Rathi, Partner, M/S Laxmi Polymers (‘Informant’)) of infringement of Section 4 of the Act against Oriental Insurance Company Limited (‘Oriental’). [1]

The Informant alleged that Oriental, a public sector general insurance company, abused its dominance by unfairly repudiating the Informant’s insurance claim against a fire in the premises of the Informant’s company.

CCI did not find Oriental to be a dominant enterprise in the ‘market forprovision of fire insurance services in India’ since Oriental had a relatively low market share and faced competition from several other larger players. Accordingly, CCI dismissed the allegations of abuse of dominance against Oriental.

[1] Case No. 13 of 2019

Published In:Inter Alia Special Edition- Competition Law - June 2019 [ English
Date: June 19, 2019