Jan 01, 2017

Directions to TSPs for Delivering Broadband Services in a Transparent Manner

In supersession of the earlier directions issued on July 27, 2012 relating to provisioning of broadband services, the TRAI has, on October 31, 2016, issued directions to TSPs (providing broadband (wire – line or wireless) services) for delivering broadband services in a transparent manner by providing adequate information to broadband consumers. TSPs have been directed to provide on their website, and also in all advertisements published through any media, information (as prescribed under the directions) with respect to all broadband tariff plans offered under the fair usage policy for fixed and mobile broadband service, respectively. The information to be disclosed includes data usage limit with specified speed, speed of broadband connection up to the specified data usage limit; speed of broadband connection beyond data usage limit, etc. This information is also required to be provided to all new and existing subscribers of the TSPs on their registered email address or mobile number, as specified by the subscriber.Further, TSPs must ensure that the download speed of broadband service provided to the fixed broadband subscriber is not reduced below the minimum download speed prescribed by Department of Telecommunications (‘DoT’) in any fair usage broadband tariff plan, after expiry of a consumer’s assigned data quota. TSPs should also provide an alert to the subscribers through SMS on their registered mobile number or e-mail, each time when the data usage reaches 50%, 90% and 100% of data usage limit under a consumer’s plan and maintain a portal/ website for the subscriber to access such usage information at any point of time.




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