DOT Amends the Unified License Agreement, for Procurement of Telecommunication Equipment

The Department of Telecommunications (‘DoT’) by a Notification dated March 10, 2021 amended the ‘Unified License Agreement’ and the ‘Unified License (Virtual Network Operator) Agreement’ by including a clause pursuant to which the National Cyber Security Coordinator (‘Designated Authority’) has the right to impose conditions for procurement of telecom equipment on the grounds of defence of India, or matters, directly or indirectly, related to national security. Further, the Designated Authority: (i) is required to notify the category of equipment for which such security requirements related to trusted sources are applicable; (ii) is required to notify the trusted sources along with the associated telecommunication equipment (‘Trusted Products’); and (iii) may also notify a list of designated sources from whom no procurement can be done. With effect from June 15, 2021, the relevant licensee is required to: (i) only connect ‘Trusted Products’ (i.e., the telecommunication equipment to be notified by the Designated Authority) in its network; and (ii) seek permission from the Designated Authority for upgradation of existing network utilising the telecom equipment not designated as ‘Trusted Products’. However, these directions will not affect ongoing annual maintenance contracts or updates to existing equipment already inducted in the network as on date of effect. Similar amendments have been made by the DoT separately to: (i) the Internet Service Provider (ISP) License; (ii) the National Long Distance (NLD) License; (iii) the International Long Distance (ILD) License; and (iv) the Public Mobile Radio Truncating Service (PMRTS) License.

Published In:Inter Alia - Quarterly Edition - March 2021 [ English Chinese japanese ]
Date: March 31, 2021