Jan 01, 2017

Guidelines for TSPs in the Process of Tariff Recharges/ Payments through Third Party Apps/ Websites

On October 14, 2016, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (‘TRAI’) issued the Guidelines for Telecom Service Providers (‘TSPs’) who provide access or internet services, directing them to ensure transparency, uniformity and protection to their subscribers in matters of tariff recharges/ payments of bills through third party applications/ websites appointed by the TSPs (‘Channel Partners’) or sub-Channel Partners appointed by such Channel Partners on their behalf (‘Sub–Channel Partners’). These guidelines require the TSPs to ensure the following:i. All product features, tariff, and benefits available on the relevant TSP’s website should also be displayed on the website of the Channel Partner/ Sub-Channel Partner. A new feature can be launched only once it has been duly updated on the website of the Channel Partner/ Sub-Channel Partner;ii. The TSP should ensure that all service conditions of the TSP’s license, as contained in the agreement between TSP and the Channel Partner, should be incorporated in the agreement between Channel Partner and Sub–Channel Partner; andiii. Any new tariff product or any change in an existing tariff product can be implemented only at midnight (between 00:00 and 02:00 hours), on the date of launch/ date of change of the tariff product. Further, TSPs continue to be wholly responsible for compliance with the conditions of its license as the Channel Partners and Sub–Channel Partners are unlicensed entities.




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