Oct 01, 2016

Provisions relating to Applications against Oppression and/or Mismanagement brought into force

The MCA has notified the following provisions of the Companies Act, which came into force on September 9, 2016:i.  Section 227, which deals with confidentiality of privileged communications made to any legal advisor and information regarding legal proceedings before any Governmental authority;ii.  Section 242(1)(b), which deals with the circumstances in which the company tribunal may exercise its powers for winding up of a company upon receipt of an application under Section 241 of the Companies Act, regarding oppression and mismanagement of the affairs of the company;iii.  Section 242(2) (c) and (g), which deals with the powers of the company tribunal to pass orders for reduction of the share capital of the company upon purchase of the shares of an existing member and / or for setting aside any transfer, delivery of goods payment, execution or other act relating to property taken by or against the company within the preceding three months of the date of application under Section 241; andiv.  Section 246, which states that Sections 337 to 341, which deal with liability for the fraudulent conduct of business and powers of the company tribunal to assess damages against delinquent directors in companies / partners in firms, respectively, would apply mutatis mutandis to applications made under Section 241 and Section 245 (which deals with class action suits), of the Companies Act.




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