Jul 01, 2017

Summary Judgment by the Delhi HC in a Trademark Suit

In the case of Ahuja Radios v. A Karim,[1] filed under the Commercial Courts Act, 2015, the Delhi HC, by its order dated May 1, 2017, passed a summary judgment granting a permanent injunction restraining infringement of trademark, passing off and delivery in favour of the plaintiff, i.e. Ahuja Radios.The plaintiff had procured an interim injunction on March 6, 2013 against the defendant restraining the defendant from dealing in products (being public address systems and audio equipment) bearing the plaintiff’s model number ‘SSA 250 M’ under the ‘AHUJA’ trademark or those which were deceptively similar. Thereafter, upon the inspection of the defendant’s premises by a local commissioner on April 3, 2013, amplifiers of 250 W [Model No. SSA 250 M] were recovered and the Commissioner’s report mentioned that the defendant had admitted to the amplifiers not being original. Despite of the defendant’s allegation that the recovered amplifiers were fraudulently implanted at its premises, the Delhi HC determined that the plaintiff is the undisputed registered proprietor of the trademark in question and that the defendant is not entitled to use the same. The Court noted that the defendant has no real prospect of resisting the decree of injunction and also has little prospect of succeeding in its defense.[1]     Ahuja Radios v. A Karim, CS(OS) 447/2013, Delhi High Court (order dated May 01, 2017). 




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