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An organisation’s culture combines its values, expectations and best practices; it is a collective of traits that define a firm’s actions and focus. At AZB & Partners, the perspectives are many, but the understanding, beliefs and behaviours are shared.


AZB has a different DNA – as a junior, then as a partner, and now even sometimes as a client, there is a differentiation from other firms. You’re thrown in the deep end as a junior, given a lot of opportunities, and the learning is just that much faster. To build your career and walk away with people whom you think of as family, it doesn’t really get better than that.

Essaji Vahanvati, at AZB from 2003 to 2015


Comparatively, we’re a young firm. The average age of our lawyers is slightly higher than the average age of young India, around 30 years, which means a youthful, vibrant culture, and a friendly, open atmosphere. It’s also a flat structure, we don’t stand on ceremony – there are no Ma’ams and Sirs here.

Bahram N. Vakil, Co-Founder & Senior Partner


The client expectation is responsiveness. What ensures this is a three-tier system: We have a tier of senior partners, tried and tested, with 15+ years’ experience and a strong market standing. Then the junior partners, who are young, hungry, raring to go. This enables us to solve better, the client knows whom they can approach at which level for a quick turnaround, so there’s no backlog. And our clients have learnt that there is accountability at every level, because anyone can and has been called out for not following through. There is no ego. The value-add that each partner brings, at each level, is always recognised.

Zia J. Mody, Co-Founder & Managing Partner