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In efforts to heal from COVID–19, the world has shifted focus to creating a future driven by sustainability and responsibility. We offer strategies that derive long-term value through socially desirable engagements.

It is now imperative for companies to align themselves with the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations applicable to their business/ sector. ESG efforts are also heavily influencing investor decisions, who view companies with sustainability programmes as sound indicators of reliable future performance. Companies with an ESG component have a clear competitive advantage.

As a full–service firm, we draw on the experience of our multidisciplinary partners to provide commercial, litigation and regulatory advice that helps clients understand and develop their ESG policies.

We educate company management on the requirement for ESG policies and their importance in the evolving landscape, along with advice on the concurrent risks and opportunities. This includes:

  • Counselling boards on ESG issues, and how and when to engage in social and political issues
  • Weaving ESG considerations into transactional documents
  • Assisting companies in formulating ESG committees, policies and charter documents, focusing on climate issues and advising record-keeping
  • Advising on key disclosures to be made to investors regarding a company’s ESG efforts
  • Integrating ESG due diligence into M&A, capital markets and real estate transactions
  • Assisting companies on investing sustainably and responsibly, incorporating ESG factors into their research, voting and portfolio management
  • Advising on litigation, reputational and regulatory risks arising from evolving ESG requirements

Our internal task force, AZB EnSoGo, brings together the expertise of various members of the firm, across a range of industries and offices.


  • Aarti Pandit
  • Himani Shah
  • Yashi Saraswat

Climate Change, Biodiversity, Waste, Water Usage & Waste, Air & Water Pollution, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Consumption, Recycling

Our work within the Environmental space includes:

  • Assisting on matters involving environmental issues, the financing of green projects and renewable energy
  • Assessing environmental risks and impacts on the ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Carbon emissions, carbon footprint and climate risk assessments
  • Helping clients formulate climate change-friendly policies
  • Setting roles within the company for environmental management – including undertaking site visits
  • Advising on how to deal with environmental emergencies
  • Responding to COVID–19
  • Helping clients fulfil any industry–specific reporting requirements

Human Rights, Health, Safety, Diversity & Inclusion, Labour, Workplace & Product Safety, Fair Pay, Collective Bargaining, Conflict Regions, Charitable Contributions & Community Programmes

Our work within the Social space includes assisting clients on:

  • The effect that their activities have on the community
  • Managing relationships with employees
  • Diversity and inclusion, human rights, working conditions and corruption
  • Employment and labour law
  • Drafting wage, leave, equal opportunity and fair pay, non–discrimination and medical benefits policies
  • Implementing internal systems to monitor employee benefits, including internal health and safety audits, as well as identifying individuals within the company to monitor these
  • COVID– 19 responses
  • Training and awareness of employees
  • Drafting sexual harassment policies and claims to create a safe workplace
  • Employee benefit funds
  • Engaging the community through CSR initiatives, focusing on employee welfare, company culture, social outreach and business impact on indigenous people

Corporate Governance, Ethics, Compliance, Board Diversity, Corporate Purpose, Bribery and Corruption, Tax Strategies, Executive Compensations

Our work within the Governance space includes:

  • Helping clients achieve a proactive, holistic approach to governance
  • Advising on director remuneration
  • Assisting boards with diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Helping clients conceive a defined purpose beyond generating profit, which aligns with the sustainability and development of the community and the world at large