Information Technology & Business Process Outsourcing

AZB & Partners continues to be closely involved with advising on the development and seamless operations of several leading companies in the IT & BPO space. To enable these organizations to run optimally, while facing minimal regulatory or legal challenges, the Firm leverages its rich expertise related to various business models and understanding of the sector, at large.

  • Information Technology

We provide practical solutions best suited to the applicable regulations in India, including information technology regulations, data protection and privacy regulations, regulations relating to payment systems and gateways, etc.

Our work includes:

  • Advising internet service providers and e-commerce businesses, in relation to their operations, development of websites and online portals, and products and services offered
  • Drafting and negotiation of software sale agreements, software development agreements, licensing agreements, hardware and software outsourcing agreements and technical support agreements for various types of software products
  • Advising on the procurement of diverse types of computer hardware ranging from VSAT dishes to computer systems for nation-wide networks
  • Advising multinationals in the structuring of their networks and related operations in light of Indian regulatory requirements
  • Business Process Outsourcing

AZB & Partners’ clients benefit tremendously from the Firm’s overarching understanding of the regulatory environment applicable to telecommunication facilities, which BPOs use to provide unified services to their clients. The team has worked closely with multinational companies to establish their captive BPO units (including call centres).

Our work includes:

  • Advising on acquisition of facilities and equipment
  • Advising on strategic sales of units
  • Advising on establishment of BPOs as joint ventures or on a Build-Own-Operate basis
  • Assisting both, clients and vendors/service providers with their requirements, such as preparation of RFPs, service agreements, taxation, employment, exchange control and intellectual property rights issues


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