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The trunk, the mainstay and our reason for being, the foundation of our practice.

A canopy that stretches to embrace and include, offering shelter and shade.

Rings that mark time and growth, signs of strength, fortitude and longevity.

Roots that connect the sky’s vault to the Earth’s mantle, to further anchor and stabilise.

Leaves in different stages of growth, each vital to the banyan’s health.


Professionalism and perseverance. Commitment and creativity. Experience and expertise.

This is what we bring to every engagement. This is our purpose.

We believe in collaboration

Not just within our team, but also with our clients. True partnership, to our minds, means a relentless focus on our clients’ objectives and devising creative solutions to achieve them.

We value drive and professionalism

Ethical and professional responsibility informs our every action. We invest time and resources to anticipate and resolve our clients’ legal or regulatory issues, with a fresh and relevant perspective.

We celebrate our people

For their diverse views, their initiative and their capacity to work together. Every individual has a proven track record and is well established in their area of expertise. Every single one proactively hones their skills, building on excellence with in-depth training.

We cultivate our connections

We understand the potential of strong networks and actively nurture deeper, longer-term relationships with specialists, regulatory authorities and international law firms.

We continue to evolve

In challenge, we see opportunity. We bring an unparalleled energy and integrity to everything we execute. Our growth is intrinsically linked to the growth of our people and our clients; together, we strive for excellence.