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Actioning insights and assessing risk to deliver purpose–driven advice.


At the forefront of M&A activity in India, including insurance, AZB has been involved in more than 75% of private insurance joint ventures since the sector opened up in 2000. Our insight into regulatory views and our interactions in shaping them sets us apart. Our clients have returned to us consistently and long term relationships, coupled with a full service offering, enables us to provide crisp, specific advice, whether the client is a bank, a regional or global insurance player, a private equity fund or a strategic investor.

Our advice is tailored towards risk–assessed solutions in a given legal framework. Since the sector has the potential to be litigious, our specialists have prior experience in not just M&A or regulatory advice, but also in contentious insurance and contractual litigations, which enhances the purpose–driven advice we provide.

Work Highlights


An established insurance practice that is known for assisting international insurance and reinsurance companies. Possesses a strong track record of advising global entities on M&A and joint venture transactions in India. Capable of advising clients on fund-raising issues, including IPOs. Also sought out as an adviser on insurance regulations and related audits.

Chambers & Partners Asia–Pacific (2022) on our Insurance practice


Both senior and junior partners are closely involved in framing, structuring and negotiating a deal. Our approach is hands–on because we often execute market–first or trendsetting M&A. In such circumstances, “hands–on” doesn’t only require reassuring the client, it also means making the counter–party and the regulator comfortable, which takes time, focus and effort.

Our specialists understand that a client’s goals and requirements are paramount. Our training and mentoring enhances their legal knowledge and grasp, which is crucial in sector specialisation. They also have the added awareness that clear, context–led communication and the roles played by each member of the team contribute greatly to a successful, agile practice. We remain available 24/7 without losing sight of these goals and this accessibility is highly appreciated.